The Positively Grounded Podcast

Episode 1 – Jan 2020

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The Positively Grounded Podcast: A crew member’s guide to SpaceShip Earth – Presented by Sam and Adam Goodlet 

Adam and Sam are a brother and sister team based in the South of England.  Adam is a sound artist, music producer and sound engineer, also known as Re:Creation, E:Clipse and Oversoul.  Sam is an illustrator, author and creative coach, also known as Sam Draws Things.  They have had their share of interesting and challenging adventures as human beings, and in this new podcast series, they get together in Adam’s spaceship studio to chat about their experiences, the people and tools they have found along their journeys that have helped them to survive.  They also share music, poetry, meditations and visualisations.  A philosophical, calming and positive guide to navigating life on Earth.  

Episode 1
Honouring the memory of Ram Dass.  

The Positively Grounded Top 3.

Adam’s Top 3 Inspirational people: Ram Dass, Alan Watts and Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Sam’s Top 3 Inspirational people: Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Pema Chödrön and Georgina Noel.  

Adam’s Mind Cast: On consciousness, reincarnation and bananas.

The Positively Grounded Podcast

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